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Sloggi sells sexy side of cycling

Sloggi sells sexy side of cycling

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Advertisers eh? Cynically manipulating images of good-looking, happy people with bikes to promote images of freedom, health, or whatever suits the totally un-bike-related thing they are trying to flog us. Shameless, but by and large they promote a positive image of cycling and we’ll wager many of you would argue the same for latest Sloggi ad unearthed by Bikebiz this week.


In Luxembourg, where the ads adorn bus shelters, Sloggi have created a bit of a rumpus with their pantily clad ladies and some people have called the ads sexist. A quick poll here in the office reveals the only concern to be whether or not they’ll make an appearance on these shores, oh, and someone mentioned something about chafing. Ouch.


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