Shimano contest court decision



The SRAM vs Shimano trial wanders on. Reported on the
website of top industry magazine Bicycle Retailer & Industry News Shimano officials
said that they will appeal the case in which a California jury ruled against the
Japanese component maker and sided with SRAM. Final damages are pending, but the
jury has awarded SRAM approximately $9 million, so far.

“Shimano is disappointed in the jury’s verdict. It represents a sad day for
consumers of high quality, reasonably priced bicycle components. The verdict is not
supported by the evidence or the law. Shimano definitely will appeal and is confident
this verdict will be reversed,” Yoshizo Shimano, Shimano’s president.

“Shimano has always sought to operate lawfully and will continue to do so in
every country in which it does business. Shimano has a long history of supporting
the bicycle industry and it will continue to make substantial contributions to bicycling,
notwithstanding the jury’s erroneous verdict,” Shimano added.


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