SHIFT: It lives!

(Most of) the SHIFT team, expressing relief that the pages all came out the right way up.

Yes, it actually exists – those (reassuringly numerous) people who had the confidence to order a copy of our new bike magazine SHIFT on the basis of nothing more a few pictures of the pages and a list of what’s in it have been receiving their copies over the last few days, and if you order one now it’ll be with you sharpish.

To celebrate what we like to think of as our acheivement, most of the team behind SHIFT headed out for a splendid curry the other night, so expect at least several features in future issues clearly thought of under the influence of Cobra. Hopefully someone was taking notes.

With copies of Volume One quickly finding their way into the hands of readers, we’ve already had plenty of feedback and, again reassuringly, some of it is even positive, so that’s good. Rest assured that it’s all being taken on board – there’s a thread on the BM forum, or if you don’t want to go public we’d love to hear your comments by email.

You can order your copy of SHIFT online or it’s available over the counter at Condor Cycles, Mosquito Cycles and branches of Rutland Cycles. And yes, work has started on Volume Two…

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