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Sherwood Pines bike park set for £20,000 upgrade

Sherwood Pines bike park set for £20,000 upgrade

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The bike park at the Sherwood Pines trail centre is to receive a £20,000 revamp.

Sherwood Pines bike park
The Sherwood Pines bike park is good for an adrenaline fix

Existing features will be modified and improved to offer what the Forestry Commission promise will be “a fresh and fast flowing experience, complete with rock jumps and tight turns.” Riders will also be able to race each other on the parallel ‘Dual Descender’ trails.

The bike park will be closed for approximately two weeks while construction work takes place but Forestry Commission recreation manager Chris Bray insists it will be worth the wait.

“We created the bike park at the same time as many of the cross country trails and it has proved to be a magnet for off-road riders,” said Bray.

“It’s a great place to improve technique and challenge yourself within the limits of your own capabilities. The routes are also being surfaced with stone to make them more useable all year round, which is a major step forward.”

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  1. Paul Jackson

    Awesome news. The current trails are all a bit tame at Sherwood Pines, but great for beginners or if you want an easy off-road jaunt. Would be nice if the new additions have a few teeth to up the challenge a bit.


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