Rough Ride: Last call for discounted entries

Recently we brought you initial details of what is now the Bikemagic/Dialled Bikes Rough Ride (3 June 2007, Kington, Herefordshire). One thing that we didn’t mention then but will bring to your attention now is the presence of a substantial discount for entering early. Show up on the day and the Rough Ride will cost you £30. Enter in advance and it’s only £26. But pull your finger out and enter within the next two weeks (ie while the date still has “Febuary” in it) and there’s a further two quid off that, bringing the entry fee to £24.

That includes not just the ride itself but also a raft of extras. Camping is free for the night before and after the event, you’ll get a top-notch event t-shirt, refreshments en route, DECENT HOT SHOWERS (we just felt the need to emphasise that one), and a post-ride meal from the legendary Wilf’s. The Rough Ride is also one of the few events we’re aware of that has toilet facilities laid on mid-course. And although it’s not a competitive event, there’ll still be a bunch of prizes, awarded on a names-from-hat basis.

You can enter either by post or online at

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