Rob Warner bace jump pedals

When i first got the pedals well over 6 months ago they did look a bit big on my bike but they gripped like my feet we stuck to the pedals.

I did a race on them and it was really muddy, my feet were covered in mud so much that it took 2 washes to get all the mud out and off of my shoes. Even though my feet were drowned in mud the pedals gripped as well as what they did in the dry.

They dont grip as well as they did when i fist got them now as they have taken some chuncks offthe botom of my shoes.

I have not ripped my shins apart once as my feet gripp the pedals so well. So that really should not be a worry to u.

All in all a good grippy pedal at a price that is half of what a pair of shimano DX flats. i found that they grip a lot better to. (yes i have tried the DX’s as well)

If you want a pair of decent grippy pedals at a good price then get these.

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