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Quick Poll: Does this wet weather put you off riding?

Quick Poll: Does this wet weather put you off riding?

As the UK is hit by yet more heavy showers and weather warnings are announced for the possibility of floods over the following days, we’re asking you if you let the wet weather stop you from riding your bike?

Whether it’s commuting to work or college, a regular evening night ride or plans for a longer ride at the weekend. Or do you suck it up and ride whatever the weather is doing?

Have your say in the comments box below:

  1. Stan

    I’ve stayed indoors, but may venture into the wet at the weekend out of sheer desparation in an attempt to quell the sudden expansion of my waistline….

  2. Nobby

    I don’t let it stop me however, at the moment work pressures are such that it’s difficult to get out in daylight & I really don’t likle night rides in the rain.

  3. Rich

    I used to ride in all weathers. But now I’m 42, there always seems to be something that needs doing indoors when it’s raining. Explains why I’m sop overweight!

  4. Hans Frii

    I have to ride in order to get my food supplies. Allows me to put to the test all of my waterproof clothing, which is proving not so waterproof in such continuously heavy downpours – water always finds a way through.

  5. Jon Hawkins

    reduced my enthusiasm for getting out on the downs tbh, but my short ride to work is still going, and on the exercise bike at home to make up for the lack of exercise.

  6. Dick Barton

    Once I’m out…no…although I generally ride like a lump of lard…I do struggle to get myself motivated to go out when it is tipping it down…saying that, I appear to be struggling to get myself out due to work and family pressures as well so it might not just be the weather!

  7. Gav.

    In the past no, as didn’t have a car. so no choice in the matter. With the passing of time and the aquiring of a motor, I have gone reet soft.

  8. Gemma

    No way! I’m a mum so I take every opportunity I get. I can’t be choosy about the weather if I want to ride my bike and I have a babysitter!

  9. Jake

    Don’t mind showers and light rain, non-stop torrential rain keeps me indoors though!

  10. Iain

    I ride 6 days a week rain or sun, getting out is the hardest bit.

  11. PaulHaysom

    The road bike around london is a nightmare, the shine that you get from the road and everyone binning it around you is a leg shaker. But at the weekend the trails are a lot of fun!

  12. Lev

    Drove an hour to meet a mate for a ride yesterday. Knew it was going to be pissing down and got soaked, but it was well worth it. Riding in the rain is like getting into the sea. You can either tip toe in or run and jump!

  13. LoneGroover

    It puts me off riding but doesn’t stop me completely. I ride less, but I still get out. I don’t mind too much if it’s raining when I want to go out, it’s when it rains for long enough that the trails turn to mush and develop big puddles that takes some of the fun away.

  14. Renners

    Absolutely love riding in the rain and mud, sliding about and getting dirty. Absolutely hate having to clean (and sometimes replace) everything afterwards!!

  15. Pierre

    Still doing the 18 mile daily commute, have a car sat on the drive but still prefer to ride come rain or shine.

  16. Derek Hunter

    I managed 65km yesterday in continuous heavy rain. I’m glad I did it but I didn’t enjoy it much at the time. If it hadn’t been a pre-arranged ride with friends I doubt if I would have summoned up the willpower to go.

    The worst part is cold hands. I think I must have tried every “waterproof” glove going and I still haven’t found one that can keep your hands dry for much over an hour.

  17. serge the seal of death

    yes, my bikes have been clean all winter as its been so dry, i am now averse to getting them muddy.
    once they are muddy they tend to stay muddy,

  18. Jen J

    I ride practically every day, come rain or shine – waterproofs from head to toe are great :)

  19. Grumble

    Wet is OK but the fact that the winter clay is still clagging my seatstays meaning I spend almost as much time cleaning and lubricating afterwards take the edge off.

  20. Clifford Hobbs

    I’ve been riding every day still cos I need to get to work and don’t fancy sitting in traffic or being a sardine on a train. A wet ride is still the most attractive option.

  21. Bilbo

    No Nothing stops our whole family. Snow is fun, ice can be exciting but plain old rain no problem. Dress for it, breathable top with layers, breathable trousers and finally good old Wellington boots. Water just runs of back to the road.

  22. Nigel H

    Rather shockingly, I realised I’ve not been out since early March as most weekends have been crap. I was doing well through Mid-December to End of Feb and feeling good, now I’ll have to slog up a few more hills to get to that point again dammit! Last time I went out it snowed for my entire 2 hour ride on the Surrey Hills and I prayed for the sun to come … but I still wait. Maybe tomorrow will be pleasant enough, even if the ground is soaked, as long as it’s not pouring like today, I may be inspired to go !

  23. Dripdrip

    Going out in the rain is fun for the child in the child trailer giggles galore when going through the puddles and moans when we stop to walk the canine, who sits in the trailer with the little man so yes I ride in the rain the canine, little one and I walk in the rain then back to the bike and trailer to peddle home seems I get the worst job. No I do not mind riding as long as one has good waterproofs and keep warm then I enjoy being out.

  24. PhilHoldgate

    I haven’t been out in it as I’ve only just started out riding and don’t have the wet weather kit yet. I’ll be out this weekend though out of sheer desperation, I’ve been bitten by the bug!

  25. Andre

    I cant say that the rain or temperature per-se every discourage me as long as (many have said this) you have the wet weather kit. But put me in anything more than a breeze and cycling becomes a real chew!

  26. John

    I don’t mind the rain commuting with all the right gear on as I can ride slowly enough not to get in a stew.

    If it’s pouring with rain when I’m MTBing I feel like a boil in the bag meal inside a waterproof jacket that is supposed to be one of the more breathable ones. I tend to roll over and opt for sleep instead.

    On the other hand riding through wet & muddy stuff can be a lot of fun if it’s not pouring down at the same time.

  27. Alby Stevens

    I will always avoid going out for a ride if it is raining, but if not and even if the re are thick grey clouds I am fine , as long as part of my ride, particularly the beginning is dry I am happy.
    Despite the weather forecast tomorrow i shall find a dry window and get out there. Hope you do too.

  28. Chris

    I’ve been out riding a couple of times this week. I don’t mind the rain but definately prefer it to be raining less hard when I’m setting off. Once out and wet I love it, my local trails are awesome fun when wet, the swoopy fast sections become a serious test of how much grip your tyres have and whether they’ll slide in a nice predictable manner or put you straight into the trees that line the trail!

  29. wilow

    I love riding in the rain, the more mud the better, but only on local trails, as I don’t like taking a solar shower before I get in the car.
    I don’t really bother with much in the way of wet weather gear at this time of year, just sealskinz on the feet and full finger gloves, and a top tip use platform peddles, I’ve always found spd’s dodgy in mud.

  30. lizardlover

    riding in the rain makes you ride that bit harder, like you’re on some sort of quest. the slippery mud makes more of a challenge on the climbs too. the forecast for tomorrow is biblical but i’m bang up for it!

  31. Tony Vickery

    I dont mind getting wet, however i`m not keen on strong winds

  32. Michael Small

    I have a car but I always ride to work. Wether it’s cold, windy, raining or snowing, I ride. The same applies to my off road riding as well. I can’t stop the weather and the weather wont stop me! Pestilence or a plague of locusts could be a bit off putting though.

  33. Survival Suits

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  34. Tony

    yeah went out on Monday during a dry spell got half way round local forest track and the heavens opened by the time had finished the drop tail on my jersey nearly reached my ankles with the amount of crud, hammered down on an off all day today so gave it a miss

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