Phil Liggett in car accident

Details sketchy at the moment but here’s what we’ve got…

Last night Channel 4’s Tour de France presenter Phil Liggett was involved in a car crash.

He’s unhurt. His car wasn’t so fortunate. It was a write off thanks to the drunk driver who smashed into it as Phil and his wife Pat were driving at about 7pm last night. The driver of the other car sped out of side road, smashed into the Liggett’s car, spinning them around, and then ran off on foot. He was later caught by police.

“The engine took most of the force,” Liggett told BikeBiz today. “If we had been in a smaller car, we wouldn’t have survived. Our engine is stoved right in, the other car was like a concertina.”

(Phil Liggett Factoid: he used to be an elephant keep at Chester Zoo. Not a lot of people know that.)

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