Parents of cycling victim fight insurance scum

Darren Coombs, then nine, suffered brain damage when he was hit by a car whilst cycling in a bus lay-by in Southampton.

The driver’s insurer, Provident Insurance, has accused Trevor and Eve Coombs of Sandown, Isle of Wight, of negligence. The company says Darren should not have been allowed out unsupervised and that he should have been wearing a helmet. Mayne added: “One wonders what this driver was doing in a bus lay-by which is usually one of the few safe havens for cyclists. The insurers also imply that it is negligent to cycle without a helmet. It is not.”

The CTC, the UK’s cyclists’ rights organisation has offered “any help we can give” to the parents of 12-year-old Darren Coombs who face a huge damages bill if they win compensation for the horrendous injuries suffered by their son in a road traffic accident.

CTC Director, Kevin Mayne said: “The approach taken by the insurance company is little short of immoral and although the Coombs are not CTC members we are very keen to help. We have the experience and expertise to advise them in this fight for justice.

He continues “This case is absolutely appalling and has terrifying consequences for all cyclists and pedestrians if a precedent is set. Furthermore, the action by Provident directly contradicts government policy, which is to encourage children to cycle or walk to school.”

Though we might not see eye to eye with them on the helmet issue we are certainly fully behind them on this one so we’re happy to let them tell you;
All CTC members automatically have third party insurance and two members recently won a total of £1m in damages following two separate accidents. For details of CTC membership call 01483 417217, email or
visit their website.

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