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On Any Wednesday: Alternative Riding Scenes

On Any Wednesday: Alternative Riding Scenes

On any Wednesday…

Feature by Steve ‘The Butcher’ Walker

Birmingham city was the host of the 2012 BMX world championships. The event was a sell out and a massive success and people from all around the world came to watch, ride and race. The young dreamed of what they could achieve and what they may become. The old recalled memories of their childhoods of such magnitude, that they had to brush them away from their faces (and at the same time probably wished they were 20 years younger).

My neighbour says its a mid-life crisis...
My neighbour says its a mid-life crisis… (Not me in the picture by the way.)

“If you build it, we will come” is what we said. This time the council hot shots listened and they did. Thankfully, they didn’t cut corners by hiring a team of pikeys with building equipment consisting of a shovel, a pick and a working stick. Oh no, on this occasion they really ‘went to town’, professional track builders Clark and Kent were brought in and an international standard BMX track, with start hut and floodlighting system was born.

The people do come. From kids who are so small they have only just learned the complicated art of balance, to teenagers who are so fast and skill-full they belong in a Disney movie, through to ‘oldens’ who are just desperate to catch a glimpse of their childhood past, before the days of the dreaded ‘crisis, that I like to call responsibility.

This is bike riding in its most technical and pure form. It really is a thing of beauty. You don’t need a bike with a ridiculously expensive suspension system. There are no internet bullshit discussions regarding big wheels versus small. It’s all about precision on a bike, riding skills and a ridiculously cheap entry fee.

This is Birmingham BMX ‘club night’ and it happens, purely by coincidence, ‘ON ANY WEDNESDAY’.

Next time: We’ll delve into another alternative and inspiring cycling discipline. If you have any Wednesday bike ride stories to tell us let us know below!

  1. Neil Hayward

    Great write up,and couldn’t agree more ref how precise you need to be on the 20″

  2. Wayne Bull

    Having attended quite a few Wednesday nights at brum bmx course I can honestly say its a great night out and the staff are really helpful and friendly. As a 42 year old though it scared the shit out of me…. Good post Butch

  3. Steven Hardwick

    I’m getting the 84′ quadangle primped ready for the boy, maybe I should give it one last blast before I do the ceremonial hand-over. Tell your neighbour its on…next time I’m up in Brum

  4. Pete

    Great write up butch. Have to write te next about the legendary Redhill Wednwsdays :-)

    1. The+butcher

      It’s on the list Pierre…..

  5. Mick Gough

    Nice one Butch! Great write up mate!

  6. The Duck of Death

    Great write up Butch.

    As usual.

    And seeing Porky leaving a comment. Now that’s special.

  7. Si Paton

    Listen up my MTB friends. Put that full suspension bike down for 12 months. Learn how to rail corners, jump, manual, learn the real art of flow. All while increasing your strength, bike handling skills and above all spending pennies instead of pounds. Plus your all done in 2 hours, home for lunch and no 3 hour drive to the hills!

  8. Mark jarrett

    Great write up,not so sure I like the picture of me and the midlife crisis comment underneath lol and si’s older than me ha ha

  9. Luke Mason

    After having not turned the cranks on a BMX for 15+ years, I have to admit, this write up has got me thinking about dusting off my MRD and heading up to brum :)


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