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New stamps for bikes

New stamps for bikes

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Right, what’s the betting that don’t nick this article from us… We’ve
just had a press release about a new stamp from the Royal Mail with a bike on. It’s
to launch the National Cycle Network. Launching them was rent-a-mug "Cycling
mad comedian" Alexei Sayle. We’re big fans of Alexei, though he’s almost always
the B-list celeb hoiked out of the crowd to do the bike thing. Anyhow, the new stamp
promote the National Cycle Network which he rent-a-quoted "I’m a great supporter
of cycling and public art and I’m delighted a stamp has been issued to help promote
this innovative project."


Trouble is, the bike-stamp is a 45p one. And non of us here can remember the last
time we used a 45p stamp. Royal Mail denote it as a "Airmail basic letter rate
up to 10gm." And when was the last time you needed one of those? ALIGN="LEFT" BORDER="0">

And, the stamp itself shows a bike lane. On a road. Instead of all the other lovely
images of cycling we can imagine. Beautifully crafted dirt jumps on a building site.
A long singletrack cutting across open moorland…


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