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New red trail at Queen Elizabeth Country Park opens soon

New red trail at Queen Elizabeth Country Park opens soon

The trail builders have been busy down at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, with a collective of volunteers teaming together to bring the new red trail to completion in May.

And you’re invited along to the opening. The Queen Elizabeth Country Park Collective is inviting everyone to the launch of the as-yet-unnamed red trail on Saturday 19 May, when it should be just about finishing.

By then the Collective will have been working on the trail for one year, with thousands of hours of planning and digging done by volunteers with the assistance of one of the Park’s Rangers. The budget for all the work is £0 and at the moment they are are still within budget!

“This is not the end of the work,” the press release states proudly. “There are still many years of digging ahead but we would like to invite you to celebrate with us the remarkable achievement made by a remarkable group of volunteers that are focused on building mountain bike trails that everyone can use.

“At 12 noon on 19th May at the park visitor centre there will be a presentation made by members of the collective where the trail will become officially “open”. You are then invited on a tour round the trail and are welcome to join The Collective at “QE-Palooza”.

“A beer and pork fuelled party to celebrate the work that has been done. Please let us know if you will be able to attend the launch and how many will be coming so we can reserve seats for the presentation and know how much porcine loveliness to prepare.”

Sounds like a mighty fine day out to us, and reason to head along there, especially if (like us) you haven’t been there in a while.

Queen Elizabeth Country Park is situated on the A3, 45 minutes south of the M25 . If you would like any more information on the launch then please contact or check out the QECP mountain bike trail build facebook page.

  1. Craig Harris

    Are those pictures for real? British trail grading needs to be seriously sorted out, you can’t call that red!

    1. SSRider

      “you can’t call that red” How can you tell that from 2 pic?

      Have a look at there Facebook page for more pics and vids.

      I think its great that locals volunteers on a £0 budget are work in there local woodland to make MTB trail.

    2. dan

      sorry do all the corners need to have vertical drops after it for you to call it red?

    3. lawson79

      These pictures definitely don’t do it justice. The trail has improved a lot recently and will only get better the more work is done. If you want to see whether it deserves to be graded red or not, come and ride it!

    4. fergus

      The trail has some steep climbs, and technical features as well as the scenic singletrack in those pics. It’s well worth it’s red grading – come and see for yourself. If you want to see a slightly redder section check out this video of some building:

  2. David Arthur

    They’re not the best photos in the world. We’ll try and get along once it’s all complete and get a better look at what has been developed

  3. Dan Jones

    That is a very small section of the trail under construction, when the volunteers have finished come and ride it!

  4. Alex

    don’t worry, it’s a hell of a lot better than it looks in those pics. I was there at the weekend. that’s the first muddy climb which I don’t even bother with yet. there are two lovely snake berm sections (one new, one redone), tables, even a small hip jump. it’s nowhere near finished either. there’s a great buzz about QE right now, the management is much better, there are people there with a clue who know how to ride. it has a chance of becoming an excellent little trail centre within the next few years.

  5. Grumble

    Quit belly aching – well done to the guys who got out and created something from nothing and to those who like a deeper shade of red get on up the M6 and ride some natural trails in the lakes or borders.

  6. Kinger

    The trail is red, ive rode all over the uk, the lads have done a good job it’s a tuff pedal round, and has some great berms a few jumps small drops and if you dare to go flat out, very fast , ace sections. To all who like to knock these lads work.. Perhaps you should grab a shovel and join them and show them your ideas?


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