New Bike Magic classifieds section is live

Here’s the news of the year (so far) on Bike Magic: our new classifieds section is up and running!

Why’s that such a big deal? It means that you can buy and sell (or just browse) all your bikes and bike bits for FREE (everyone loves a freebie) by simply creating an account.

Why you should be as excited as we are about the Bike Magic classifieds section:

– It’s totally free to use
– You’ll be able to trade with likeminded bike riders
– It’s totally free to use
– You can browse or search products by brand or style (ie ‘Trail bike full suspension’)
– It’s totally free to use
– You can post up to four photos of each bike or product that you list (for free)
– It’s totally free to use
– You can keep ‘watch’ on items that you like the look of

It’s obviously a completely new system so any feedback about the classifieds is welcome either through the comments box below or through our support system.

Go on, click over to the Bike Magic classifieds to start browsing now.

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