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New 4X track for frozen North

New 4X track for frozen North

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There aren’t all that many purpose-built 4X (aka BSX/Quad racing/Bikercross etc) tracks in the UK, but their bijou ranks are about to be swelled to the tune of one. Team CHR, based in the wilds of Northumberland, successfully secured a lottery grant a little while ago to help them build a new track near Wooler. And this week they spent some of the cash on a few days’ intensive JCB activity. You can get a lot done in not much time with mechanical digging assistance, and the CHR boys have transformed a patch of manky waste ground (complete with burnt out cars and so forth) into a nearly-complete 4X facility.

The track’ll need a hefty dose of hand finishing before it’s ready for use, but the bulk of the work is done and it’s looking pretty neat. More details (and pics) from the Team CHR website.


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