Mountain lion attacks mountain bikers

Southern California’s Eyewitness News reports that two mountain bikers in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, Orange County, California have been attacked by a mountain lion. One of the riders was dragged off her bike by the animal – her friend held on to her and a passer-by managed to scare off the lion by throwing rocks at it. She was taken to hospital – her condition was “not known” according to Eyewitness.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the body of a man was found following the discovery of an abandoned bike along the same trail, apparently mauled by a mountain lion. One of the animals was shot by authorities although they don’t know if it’s the one involved in either or both attacks.

Apparently mountain lion attacks are on the increase due to residential developments encroaching on their territory. Read more from ABC7 News.

Spotter: BikeBiz

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