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Mike Hall set to smash Fastest Circumnavigation of the World by Bicycle record in 92 days

Mike Hall set to smash Fastest Circumnavigation of the World by Bicycle record in 92 days

Mike Hall set off from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich on 18 February, embarking on am 18,000 mile cycle that would hopefully take him into the record books as the fastest circumnavigation of the globe.

Currently, barring any incidents, he is on target to smash the current Guinness World Record, 106 days, completing the huge ride in about 92 days. That means he’s been averaging nigh on 200 miles a day. Every day!

Currently Mike is scheduled to arrive back in the UK on Monday 4 June, and should be in Greenwich at about 7.30pm.

Track his progress here

  1. Keith Watts

    Great story. However, by my reckoning his 92 days passed on 20th May. If he is due back 4th. June he will have taken 107 days, 1 day outside the record!

    Whatever, a great achievement anyway.

    1. Frank Montgomery

      Days in transit don’t count.

  2. Andy Love

    Impressive effort and judging by the minimalist kit a full on dirt bag epic. Smell you later dude

  3. Brian Stewart

    What is more impressive is that Alan Bate’s record of 106 days (126 day including transit time), was done with a full support crew.
    Whereas Mark Beaumont’s, Vin Cox’s and hopefully Mike Hall’s record are solo records with no support.

    Mike is hoping to finish on 4th June (which I understand to be his birthday).
    He is currently in France and I reckon he has got two days worth of riding before he gets to the ferry.

    Hope he stays accident free and the wind is at his back.

  4. Ron Stephens

    Hi, I’m now a big Mike Hall fan and watching his progress with awe. But 1. really worried that the mileage on the Spot Distance travelled doesn’t add up to the amount required, and 2. that because there is no real big media coverage that his amazing ride will be completely overshadowed by the Jubilee events. I have tried tweeting to people with large followings but no joy so far, can you get tweeting everyone because I think that it could be the event that links with the Jubilee just like Hillary and Everest at the Coronation. Come on everyone and lets get busy on Mike’s behalf

  5. Ian Leitch

    He has proper media sorted out for his return with the National Press. I love the fact that he just hammers out this effort with no massive shouting – despite the fact that he has just annihilated every other well publicised endurance effort/challenge. I cannot comprehend this effort – Absolute Legend.

  6. Mark

    This is amazing as a concept and totally insane in practise! How does unsupported work? Where does he sleep? How does he get food and water?

  7. Mark E. Martin

    I had the great pleasure of hosting Mike for a night in Louisiana as he passed (quite rapidly) through the United States. Would that we had had more time to chat. I look forward to seeing the television coverage of his victory when the links are available. Astonishing accomplishment and a world record so very well deserved!

  8. David Arthur

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