Manitou vs Marzocchi


Answer Products has filed a lawsuit against Marzocchi Suspension
Center for patent infringement, according to a press release from Answer, reported
on the website of US trade paper Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.

Specifically, Answer’s patent, number 5,597,169, covers the use of tubing with tapered
wall thickness in the legs of suspension forks. The company claims Marzocchi’s suspension
forks also use this technology and therefore infringe on the patent.

We haven’t had the time to cut up the other suspension forks we’ve got lying around
in the office to see if anyone else could be receiving a letter through the post
about this, but this sort of legal action is typical of the wranglings that go on
in the bike business. Specialized keep tight control on the use of the “horst
link” a pivot on the back of rear suspension bikes, allowing other manufacturers
to use the technology on payment of a licence fee


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