Maintenance and Repair Advice guide launched

Cycle Systems Academy maintenance and servicing guide launches

In association with Cycle Systems Academy, we’ve launched a new Maintenance and Repair Advice guide, packed with valuable technical information on how to keep your bike running smoothly.

Julia Lally from Cycle Systems, who is in charge of developing this content said: ‘This online training package is aiming to be the best on-line resource for the experienced mechanic or a novice. It is fantastic for our students and graduates and indeed for anyone browsing the web for technical info. I would advise any tech minded readers to bookmark the page and await the next chapter on transmission.”

Content is being added weekly throughout the rest of the year, so keep checking back for the latest tech guides. This week it’s all about bottom brackets, with an overview of the different systems, how to repair worn bearings or how to diagnose a loose bottom bracket.

Just follow the How-To tab at the top of the site, or follow this link.

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