Luke Smith junior masterclasses

Whyte UK racer Luke Smith is poised to pass on his knowledge to youngsters in a new set of mountain bike skill sessions organised by Summit MTB club and held in the Chiltern Hills. Groups of ten to 16 year olds will ride a full 2.5 mile race course, with Luke taking them through dealing with bomb holes, fast corners and switchbacks. Even younger riders will be given tips on climbing and cornering on the relay course at Lotts Wood.

Luke himself got into riding and racing at an early age, although it was a more mundane activity that got him used to the rigours of training: ” I used to have one of the worst paper round routes in the area, taking in two huge hills which I would cycle up come rain or shine seven days a week – I still believe this contributed to the development of my fitness on the bike nowadays!” he says.

The sessions will include race starts, cornering, pacing, energy conservation, climbing and technical skills, and will end with a short race were the youngsters can put their newly-acquired skills to good use. For more information and dates (to be released soon), visit

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