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London welcomes new pump track with official opening

London welcomes new pump track with official opening

Trail builders are busy putting the final touches to the exciting new pump track that has been built in Tottenham, London, with the track officially swinging open its doors on Saturday 3 December.

The Trax mountain bike and BMX club are delighted to invite the local community of Tottenham and London, the wider bike community and all our members, friends and family to the official launch of The Lordship Loop bike park on Saturday Dec 3rd.

Lordship Loop is the exciting new 391 metre long pump track’ style trail loop suitable for both mountain bikes and BMX in Lordship Recreation Grounds in Tottenham, London.

“This much anticipated launch brings both a much needed community run facility for youth in Tottenham. The whole bike world and the local community are coming together to make this a sustainable venture. The launch heralds a new era of mountain biking as it is brought to a new generation of riders in an  urban setting. Hopefully the first of many, we welcome all to come and celebrate this historic day,” says Daniel Mintz Chair of The Trax.

Additionally, the “Trax are delighted to announce our affiliation with the IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association) and their massively useful award of a tool grant as their kind support to ensure the loops and the clubs sustainability. The tools will be awarded on the day by Mark McClure, chairman of IMBA-UK,” adds Daniel.

Evans Cycles will be supporting the track launch with a stall flaunting some of their latest offerings as well as raffling a 2012 BMX, various accessories and bike servicing with all proceeds going to the Lordship Loop and Trax club. Facilitating cycling and making it accessible to all is something Evans Cycles are passionate about and proactive in; “it’s a fantastic privilege to be involved in such a valued community project, and we look forward to creating a longer term relationship with the scheme” Leon, Evans Cycles Crouch End, Store Manager.’

If you’re interesting in popping along, and you should you want to head to Broadwater Farm Community centre, Adams Road, Tottenham, London, N17 6HE.

  1. Renners

    Awesome to see this coming together, huge props to all involved. Good luck and see you up there!

  2. R Drew

    I call it the 1%, as the track has been built for elite riders and fails to offer the opportunity for those of less ability to bridge the divide between simply rolling over a series bumps to being able to develop the skills needed to ride the track to its potential. At its opening, I watched elite riders skipping over moguls on their back wheel wondering what the track provided for children who will never attain those skills.
    Too many of the sections simply kill any speed you have built up, unless you are airborne, there should have been sections for people to accomplish and learn what is needed to progress to more challenging sections, ideally allowing for coaching input.
    The basic premise of any form of inclusive education is scaffolding activities to allow people to attain their potential rather than patronising them with ‘well at least you can just roll over the bumps’….. So if this park is provided for local people it certainly fails to be inclusive.
    As for the actual construction, the topping material was changed when it was realised that the initial design was wrong, however this has not been successful as the surface is eroding heavily even with very few riders using it at the moment. It is evident that the design and construction are basically flawed as they have failed to allow the track to self drain, because puddles are standing on most sections for days after any rain, this will of course lead to its rapid disintegration when any real frosts arrive
    The jump park at Learnie, the bike park at Kielder and especially the skills loop at Dalbettie are the best examples I know where riders are able to develop their skills, of course the problem is they are all more than 300 miles away, the real shame is the missed opportunity of providing something of real use to the local community.


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