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Updated with winners: London Bike Show: Win free tickets

Updated with winners: London Bike Show: Win free tickets

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UPDATE: Winners have been chosen and they are:

– Sarah R because she deserves a reward for all the hard work!
– Happy Eater  – well, how could we deny his mate a ticket with a sob story like that?!
– Danny Harrison because he’s trying to get more people on bikes in London.

Well done!

We’ll be in touch via email to let you know how to claim your tickets.

You’ll have to be fast on this one as we’ll only be running the competition until Wednesday lunchtime… We have three pairs of tickets for the London Bike Show to give away (normally £16.00 each for an adult), which takes place at Excel London from 17th to 20th January (that’ll be this week then).

Name the brand of bike and tell us why you're most deserving of the tickets in the comments box below.
Name the brand of bike and tell us why you’re most deserving of the tickets in the comments box below.

All you have to do is tell us what brand of bike* Andy is taking a photo of along with the reason why you most deserve the tickets. Pop your answer in the comments box below and make sure you’ve correctly entered your email address so we can contact you should you win. Good luck!

*Clue: it’s one of Hotlines‘ brands..

  1. Tsetse

    That looks a lot like a Lapierre. Maybe a Spicy 916? I absolutely live for bikes and riding. Going to the London Bike Show would be an amazing experience!

  2. Andrew Stock

    I would say Andy is taking a picture of old Spice 😉 from the Lapierre brand!
    I most deserve the tickets because if a house caught fire I would run in and save the family dog.

  3. Hugo Abreu

    2013 Lapierre SPICY 916!!
    Because I live and breathe Mountain Bikes!

  4. SimonEP

    Looks like a Lapierre to me, not good enough to quote the model though I’m afraid without cheating and reading the other comments.
    Tickets wouldn’t actually be for me but I’m racing in the folding bikes race on the Saturday and would be really good to have some friends along to support

  5. Stanko Gardasevic

    Lapierre Spicy

  6. Chris Prior

    Definitely a Lapierre. I’m most deserving as that picture reminds me of the Lapierre X-Control that was stolen from my garage (sob, sob….) and the Whyte T-120 that i got as a replacement (Woo, and indeed Hoo!)

  7. Matt

    Lapierre certainly…
    so I could take a mate who’s just had his bike nicked from his garage… And ’cause I’m one of 7 bothering to enter so far?:p

  8. Danny Harrison

    It is a Lapierre indeed (although at first glance I thought Yeti- not a Hotlines brand).

    I think I deserve the tickets because I’m a poor student researching methods to encourage increased cycling in London and it’d hopefully be a fun but worthwhile trip away from the office!

  9. Sarah R

    It’s a Lapierre, and I think I deserve the tickets because I am an underpaid paramedic currently working 12 hour night shifts until Thursday, and desperate to go to the bike show at the weekend on my only days off…. Pleeeeese :-)

  10. Sonia Rodrigues

    Lapierre Spicy!
    Because Adventure!

  11. Adam Greene

    Lapierre for sure. I’ve only got into cycling in the last year and I finally want to spend my hard earned cash on some really good bike stuff. The London bike show seems the perfect place to find out more about top end bikes and hopefully make a purchase.

  12. Happy Eater

    Its A Lapierre Spicy 916. I deserve the tickets (well my mate does!) as he broke his collar bone, three ribs, and small toe riding the Olympic MTB course at the weekend. Id like to take him to cheer him up

  13. James

    Lapierre, Hope its not too late as ‘Lunch’ at my work is now…

    And I most deserve the tickets as I would like to purchase a new MTB bike after both my bikes got stolen and need to excite myself with new metal before purchase!

  14. Happy Eater

    Wicked, Thanks BikeMagic. I will tell him his efforts at Hadleigh were not in vain. Maybe he could get some coaching to help him get down the final chute in one piece!

  15. Mitul S

    That is Lapierre Spicy. I should be deserved winner because A) My bike got stolen during olympics opening ceremony, police didn’t bother to check the CCTV B)I can’t afford to travel by public transport as it’s too expensive C) I can’t afford to buy Bike Show ticket :(

  16. Happy Eater

    no email, no tickets…Pah

    1. James McKnight

      Happy Eater, an email went out to the address entered into our comments box – I’ve just double-checked and it definitely sent, definitely with the correct email add as entered.

      I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive it.

      1. Happy Eater

        arghhhhh,Humble, humble apologies James and Bike Majic Team!

        Stupid Junk Mail filter put the email in Junk, how come I get emails about glazing and enlarging parts of my body everyday!….but an email I want oh no it throws it in Junk!!!!
        Well I paid full dues and went on Saturday so my stupidity cost me! It was well worth the entry though. Great Show.
        Humble apologies again!

  17. James McKnight

    No worries Happy Eater! Just a shame you had to pay in the end. Hope you enjoyed the show.


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