It’s Your Movie!

first installment of the world’s first interactive movie – "Running Time"
has just hit your internet screen at
Interactive means you decide the fate of the lead character "KJ" – a pretty,
feisty London-based cycle courier, by voting online. The producers, writers etc then
go away and sort out another episode and broadcast it. The movie goes on in 5min
segments until something happens.

Apparently it’s going to change the world. We can’t help thinking it was like the
dull books in the school library with seven different endings, non of which seemed
terribly realistic.


You decide what she does, where she goes, who she falls in love with and which characters
live or die….

Lucky for London shop,
The Cycle Surgery, Old Spitalfields
Market, which was chosen as an ideal location to film part of the first episode.
"KJ" was filmed hurtling around London on her Jamis Exile, available exclusively
(in London) from the Cycle Surgery, Old Spitalfields Market. Drop along to their
website to see how you can win KJ’s Jamis.

Hmm. Interesting trousers

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