It’s Millar Time And It’s Mad

If you haven’t checked out the homepage of up and coming Brit road
star David Millar yet, get your butt over there now.

Forget all the corporate crap and non-commital PR-speak quotes,
Millar’s occasional training diary – * Please note these entries are
uncensored * – tells it like it is, in words you can understand. Some
of the back entries will have you rolling on the floor. You’ll also
get an insight into just how relentlessly hard and boring life as a
pro racer actually is.

Check this
for his weird dream life…

You can also join the supporters club, which amongst other things,
gives you access to a secure area of the site and the chance to win
various goodies including a trip to Paris for the end o fthis year’s
Tour. Let’s hope he gets there eh?

To check out It’s Millar Time click

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