Interview: The Road from Karakol’s Kyle Dempster


  •    Steel frame bike – cheap at less than $200 (no need to buy an expensive one, it may get stolen, or you may even leave it in Asia!)
  •      2x extra inner tubes, extra spokes
  •      Super Glue
  •      Multi-tool
  •      Duct Tape
  •      BOB trailer
  •      Panniers (both rear wheel and handlebar)
  •      Climbing gear: 50Mx6mm Edelweiss rope, Black Diamond Couloir harness, ATC guide, 4 quickdraws, 2 ice screws, 3 cams, BD Cobra Ice tools w/Spinner leash,
  •       Boots (La Sportiva Batura 2.0 GTX)
  •       Climbing shoes (La Sportiva Miura)
  •       Chalk bag
  •       Clothing: Spandex Bike Shorts with extra-thick butt padding, jacket, polo shirt, 2 hoodies, pants
  •      OR Papyrus Brim Hat
  •      Julbo sunglasses
  •      Tent (Black Diamond First Light)
  •      Backpack: Cilogear Worksac (30 litres)
  •      2x OR 35L Duct Tape dry bags
  •      Lightweight sleeping bag
  •      Stove that burns Kerosene
  •      Small pot
  •      Fork
  •      Lighters
  •      Go Pro
  •      Goal Zero Guide 10 solar panel
  •      I-pod
  •      Maps
  •      Photographs of my girlfriend and family
  •      ‘East of Eden” by John Steinbeck
  •       Kyrgyz/Russian/English language guide
  •       A whole ton of psych!

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