The bike industry seems to have survived the I Love You
virus. Bicycle Trade and Industry News report that Trek shut down its computer system
briefly on Thursday afternoon after an employee mistakenly opened the e-mail. The
companyís system was unharmed, however, and employees went back online after a couple
of hours.

Some industry insiders were bombarded with as many as 100 of the virus-ridden e-mails.
Luckily most people were informed about the virus before it could strike.

“There were so many people talking about it on the radio this morning that anybody
that didn’t know about it was pretty uninformed,” said Dan Nall, senior product
manager for Blackburn, the rack manufacturer.

At BIKEmagic we had no problems, as no one loves us anyway.

We first heard of the virus on Wednesday afternoon, reported by
Si Watts on the Bikebiz trade forum. Cheers to both parties for keeping us informed.

For further details on the virus, please go to

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