Howies Dyfi Enduro 2012 sells out in 62 minutes – 750 entered

The howies Dyfi Enduro has firmly cemented itself in the UK as one of the best enduros. With is tough yet rewarding course, comprising gruelling fireroad climbs interspersed with treacherous slatey descents, it’s one of the best events you can pay good money for.

So it was no surprise to learn this morning that all 750 places vanished in just 62 minutes of the entry opening at 6pm on Sunday evening, of the weekend just past.

In a quote on their Facebook wall, the organisers posted: “aaaaaand we’re done…750 places, 62 minutes, thanks for the love, we’ll do our level best to make it another awesome weekend….”

The event, now in its eleventh year is a simple big loop, starting in Machynlleth town centre, which heads out of town on back lanes for a tour of the Dyfi forests best hidden trails. It has long unrelenting fire road climbs, and long rough technical descents, it finishes deep in the forest, riders then spin back into town on lanes to event HQ for (hopefully) a prize and a coveted finisher’s mug.  Total distance will be around 60km, subject to final route tweaking in the weeks before the event.

The event will again be hosted by Café Seren, who will have great food & drink, live music, DJ’s a cinema showing bike films (& children’s stuff during the event). There may also be some comedy acts (tbc). Machynlleth comedy festival is happening the same week end.

Who here has got a place?

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