Hoppity hoppity hop

We can’t get enough of bike trials. We can’t do it, but we can watch it for hours. Clearly whoever’s in charge of physics is completely disinterested and just looks the other way or plays with some falling leaves or something, though. Most fields of bicycle riding can be hugely impressive, but only trials has the capacity to appear completely impossible.

If you’re not convinced, head to Cycle 2005 (October 14-16, ExCel, London) and witness some of the world’s very best trials riders laughing in the face of gravity and tweaking the nose of inertia. The Onza (or possibly onZa, we’re never quite sure) International Trials Competition will see an international field of riders chasing after a £3,000 prize purse on a specially-constructed course at ExCel. The sections will follow an urban theme, with cars, phone boxes, trucks and park benches being combined with fifty tonnes of concrete, timber and steel to create what the organisers describe as “some of the most impressive city-style structures ever seen on a trials track”.

The invited riders include BIU World Elite Bike Trial Champion Danny Comas, Expert World Champion Xavi Casas and Junior World Champion Ben Slinger, along with Danny Butler, Thomas Ohler and Chris Akrigg. The competition will be run along UCI Bike Trial lines but with some spectator-friendly rule tweaks.

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