GPS problem

Year 2000 and it’s number rollover problems come early to users of GPS (Global Positioning System) gadgets. Because they work on a week-by-week system, this coming weekend is 1023 weeks since the system was first started. Rolling over to 1024 will reset the week to 0, due to the binary counting system, used in such electronic gadgetry.

Garmin, Magellan and Trimble Navigation’s websites are both offering advice on what to do. Software is available to update the firmware in the GPS units, if it’s needed – not all are affected.


Failure to do this will result in your GPS system being a bit puzzled for about a month until it’s worked out what’s going on, apparently.


Affected users should remember to carry a map (you know, big paper thing with lines on) and compass (plastic – with red and white needle??) to help them navigate during this difficult time.

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