Full suspension sledging?



Feel your life is missing that little something? Check
out what our US friends can play with when it snows there…
BORDER=”0″>The U.S.-designed Koski MonoTrac is the first production
skibike with high performance long-travel suspension enabling it to absorb moguls
and other unfriendly terrain at extreme speeds. The manueverability and control possible
on a skibike has to be tried to be believed. We designed the MonoTrac to perform
on the level demanded by the hardcore sports enthusiast and we can almost guarantee
it will induce drooling in the typical adrenaline junkie.

Skibiking, itself, is not new. It has been a mainstay winter sport in Europe for
over 50 years. They even hold national competitions. Over there skibikes are called
skibobs. In the U.S, seeing a ski bike on your local mountain is rare; however with
the introduction of tour awesome MonoTrac, we hope to draw more snow enthusiasts
to the sport than ever before.

Don’t let the sophisticated motorcycle-style design intimidate you. Learning to ride
the MonoTrac is sinfully easy. The learning curve is a small fraction of that of
skis or snowboards. Beginners can build confidence quickly. Also those sidelined
from skiing or snowboarding with limited athletic abilities or weak knees can have
fun on a ski bike. If you are looking for adventure out on the mountain, the new
Koski MonoTrac is sure to get your motor running.


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