FS on the NHS?


SIZE=”2″ FACE=”Arial”>Now here’s a really good reason to lay out money on a fancy
full suspension bike. It’ll protect your goolies!

Researchers in Innsbruck, Austria led by Ferdinand Frauscher of the University Hospital
in Innsbruck have found that the bouncing ride that mountainbikes give may cause
scrotum problems including benign tumors, swelling and pain.

It could be doom and gloom for male mountainbikers, but he added “But we think
full-suspension bikes with shock systems, or those with shock absorbers in the seat,
are probably more beneficial in this case, because the bike, rather than the body,
absorbs the shock,” he added.

The potential for NHS prescribed FS bikes is limited, but unlike other “tackle
damage” scare stories, this one has a plus side… it’s an excuse to lay out
a grand and a half or more on a really nice FS bike.

Read the BBC report: target=”_blank”>

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