Forum topic: Who here has the ‘ultimate’ do-it-all bike?

At Bike Magic we like to ride all sorts of trails on all sorts of bikes. But the never-ending list of disciplines and tags added to mountain bikes can sometimes get a bit much.

We know that someone, somewhere, must have the ultimate ‘do-it-all’ bike. That could be a 29er or a 140mm travel trail bike, a hardtail or a full-on enduro machine.

Nick Maher thinks his antique Specialized Rockhopper is the ultimate bike: “I’ve ridden my Rockhopper across the Alps, down the biggest descents in Europe and around trail centres in Wales. I have also ridden it to the pub every week for as long as I can remember and to work some days too. It breaks far less often than my modern mountain bike!” Pic by James Bowden

Perhaps ‘the ultimate’ is simply a matter of opinion?

We want you to show us your own ‘ultimate’ bikes in the Bike Magic forum, and every time that something we really like the look of comes up, we’ll be featuring them on the front page along with some words from the proud owner.

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