Forum topic: members’ do-it-all bikes

We are on a quest to find out what bikes our followers use as their ‘do-it-all’ bikes; something to ride singletrack, pootle down to the pub and race on at the weekend. Why? Well it’s just nice to know that there are bikes out there that don’t necessarily need a marketing tag attached to them to quantify their intended, and sometimes limiting, discipline.

It’s also pretty interesting to see some of the sensible and sometimes not-so-sensible bikes that are stored in sheds the nation over…

Show us your rides and read the whole forum post here.

For now though, here’s our selection of some of the bikes from this week:

Mister Bump’s Genesis Fortitude

Mister Bump’s Genesis

“This is my current ride although it doesn’t get ridden that much at the moment. It is a Genesis Fortitude Race frame built up with 1×10 XT with SLX crank plus XT brake levers and XTR callipers. The wheels have been swapped for 29er XT tubeless. The low front end and fairly low weight make this pretty damn quick and great fun for throwing about despite the bigger wheels. I just need to find more time to ride it.”

Rodney Hill’s hardtail

Rodney Hill’s do-it-all hardtail

“This is the bike i built this summer. I had the forks & crankset off a specialized enduro 08 in my cuboard then saw a commencal ramones frame on ebay an decided build my self a hardtail to try off road, only ridden full sus before lol. Bought lots of the bits secondhand off ebay. This hardtail has 150mm of travel which drops to 110mm fore the climbs. Think this is a one off. Ridden in Dalby Forest love it”

Stan’s Yeti AS-R

Stan’s Yeti: bought on impulse but never regretted

“Bought immediatly on iphone literally whilst on a test ride – on an ASR-5. Its the result of much testing at 120mm after I made a prior mistake buying and assembling an Intense Tracer I couldn’t get on with. I tested most 120mm’s avaialble on the market and this was by far the best for me.”

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