Forestry Commission responds to YouTube video

Did you see the video on YouTube that was doing the rounds last week, in which a mountain bike had a ‘conversation’ with a Forestry Commission worker?

It attracted a load of attention, which has forced the FC to respond with the following statement:

“We are seriously concerned by what this video appears to show and have launched an urgent investigation into the incident.

“Good relations with visitors to our forests – and, indeed, their safety – are extremely important to us. Although the person involved in this incident is not employed by Forestry Commission Wales, we expect contractors and anyone else who works on our behalf to treat visitors with courtesy and respect.

“While we do not condone the actions in this clip, we would remind people that harvesting sites in our forests can be dangerous places and warning signs to keep away should be observed at all times.

“We hope that by taking prompt and decisive action to address this regrettable incident, we will reassure the many thousands of mountain bikers who we welcome to our trails every year.”

Following the incident, it appears the video on YouTube is no longer showing…

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