Fancy a trip out in the peaks?

Time to get your trusty stead out of its Winter Hibernation,
squirt some oil on anything that once moved (excluding your moth ball smelling Auntie
Gert!) and point it in the direction of the Peak District – the bike that is!!

Based just outside Cromford in the Derbyshire White Peak, this first Skedaddle Weekend
of the year, is the perfect place to dust of those cobwebs and head for the hills.

Routes are suitable for all levels, with ‘advanced’ sections for the more experienced
to impress us with their fine technical skills – or not as the case may be!

Ref : SW00 / 01

Date : 3rd – 5th March 2000 ie. Not long at all!

Cost : £110.00

Bike Hire : £35.00

For further information contact Saddle Skedaddle at
Or via 0115 972 1123

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