Eurobike 2012: Look launches modular S-Track pedal

Pedal and frame maker Look today announced its new S-Track mountain bike pedal system at the Eurobike trade show. If you’re undecided about whether you’re a trail rider, a racer or a freerider when you’re buying pedals, worry no more, Look has a pedal system that suits all your moods.

Look’s S-Track pedal, launched at Eurobike today, boasts improved mud clearing and easier entry and exit according to Look. And you can turn it into a platform pedal easily.

Look claims two main features for the S-Track: the largest pedal-cleat contact area of any clipless system, and a bolt-on platform, called the Cage, that turns it from a compact, cross-country style pedal to unit with more support for your foot.

With the standard cleat, the S-Track has 460mm^2 of contact area between the cleat and the stainless steel skid plate in the pedal. But bolt on the optional Cage platform and that increases to 870mm^2, so you can run softer shoes or ride unclipped more easily.

The S-Track has a torsion bar cleat attachment rather than a spring, which Look says makes for easier entry and exit and better mud clearance.

In fact, the S-Track has clearly been built with mud-clearance very much in mind; even the cleat has mud-clearing channels. We predict lots of heated forum conversations about just which pedals do the best job of clearing the gloop.

The Look S-Track with Cage in place.

Speaking of the cleat, which Look calls a Dynamic Cleat System, it has elastomer pads which both help it stay in place on the pedal and cushion the entry for a slightly softer pedalling feel. Looks says the cleat will Just Work with the pedal with no tuning, but if you want to fine-tune the contact with the Cage platform, there are spacers in the box to fit between sole and cleat.

There will be three versions of the S-Track pedal, and two variants of the Cage, available in november. At the moment all we have is pricing in Euros.

The basic S-Track has a chromoly axle and composite body and deflectors, and will retail for €59.90.

Next up, with aluminium deflectors, a better grade of chromoly axle that Look calls chromoly plus and a carbon reinforced body, the S-Track Race will be €129.90.

At the top of the range, for weight-weenies, S-Track Carbon Ti costs €249.90 and has a carbon fiber body and deflectors and a titanium axle.

The two Cage variants will cost €19.90 and €59.90 respectively for composite and aluminium.

Check out the gallery for more pics and tell us whether you want a modular, mud-clearing pedal in the comments.

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