Enduro World Series Round 6 Val d’Isere: Full Results

Wow, a super-tough weekend of racing is done and dusted over in Val d’Isere, France, with familiar faces taking both the male and female categories and a standout performance from a certain young Belgian rider by the name of Maes…

A huge congratulations to Jerome Clementz who has put in enough of a points lead to now claim the title of Enduro World Champion – the first ever – with one round spare. What a great turnout for the amiable Cannondale rider. It looks to us as though the second-place result (T-MO actually took the fastest time in women’s before receiving a time penalty for failing to display her race number correctly) for Britain’s Tracy Moseley should also give her enough of a bumper to win with a round in hand but we’ll update with confirmation when we get it.

Men’s Val d’Isere Enduro World Series results

1: Jerome Clementz
2: Jared Graves
3: Fabien Barel

Click here for full men’s results

Men’s winner Jerome Clementz.
Photo © Matt Wragg

Women’s Val d’Isere Enduro World Series results

1: Anne Caroline Chausson
2: Tracy Moseley
3: Cecile Ravanel

Click here for full women’s results

Women’s winner Anne Caroline Chausson.
Photo © Matt Wragg

Juior Val d’Isere Enduro World Series results

1: Martin Maes (whose time was third fastest out of all categories… pros better watch out!)
2: Aurelien Demailly
3: Clement Decugis

Click here for full junior results

The junior category is always one to be watched. Martin Maes put in a time good enough for third overall.
Photo © Matt Wragg

First day highlights – stay tuned for the full event highlights early in the week

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