had the pedals now for nearly a year, after having shelled out nearly fifty pounds
for them, thay have lived up to all expectations. The only minor problem that I have
had with them was when I needed a new lock nut for them, but that came the next day.

They offer very good grip, but it is also worth getting a good set of shin pads,
as i have had a few slips from them, removing chunks of flesh!

No problems with the pins coming out, and I have not needed the extra long pins which
are available to those who want to pay for them.

Very easy to service, and only needed it a couple of times. The sealed units are
fine. Any will be able to sevice them, if you have a allen key and a socket set.

Overall they are great and I never use spds any more, cos they offer grip, with out
being stuck to the bike. Good when it goes wrong!

Bit pricey, but worth it!!!

Price: £49


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