Delamere Forest trails revamped

Volunteers and rangers work on the trails during Delamere Dig Day

Mountain bikers and forestry rangers are working together to create a revamped skills area in Delamere Forest, Cheshire.

The existing area in the forest became dilapidated after a decade of use but the Forestry Commission and Delamere Riders’ Club have joined forces to breathe new life into the setup.

The skills area now has an improved four cross track as well as a series of jumps and berms.

“It’s great to see the club getting involved in repairing the trail and taking some ownership of the skills area,” said Delamere ranger Richard Mostyn.

“By working with the riders it means we can give them what they want and meet the Forestry Commission’s needs for a safer site as well.

“The skills area is designed so that it can be ridden by the early learners as well as providing good practice for the more extreme riders.”

Delamere Riders’ Club member Chris Griffiths added: “There are three of us coming in from Liverpool every day to work on this corner of the forest.

“We couldn’t have got hold of diggers without the help of the Forestry Commission. They have really helped to develop the site. It has been good.”

“We have been working with them so that we know what we can put in to make the area better to ride and safer.”

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