Dead man riding

Dead man riding
You might think pro riders are ripped and toned ‘to the max’, but Bikebiz reports that there’s a new bike rider in town who makes them look positively chubby.

“The Bicycle Rider” is rolling into action this Friday the latest exhibit at the Bodyworlds exhibition currently on show at the Atlantis Gallery in London’s Brick Lane. The show uses dead bodies donated by their previous occupants and then preserved in a very advanced ‘plastination’ resin impregnation technique. For the exhibition they are then skinned, sliced and posed in a bizarre but strangely fascinating anatomical ballet The biker is one of nine new competitive cadavers who have been seen by 100,000 gallery visitors so far.

Unsurprisingly there have been some complaints about this skin trade from more squeamish quarters but the ghoulish collection has certainly been providing stiff competition for other top galleries.

For more details visit the impressively comprehensive website, which even tells you how long the current queue is in case you were thinking of nipping down at lunchtime. Probably best not to plan a cold meat buffet afterwards though.

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