Danny MacAskill's Imaginate is Launched

The wait is over, it’s finally here. Today for you to enjoy, Danny MacAskill at his best and doing what he does best – to defy logic – in a film that has taken many months to come to fruition.

Enjoy Imaginate:

You can watch the previous episodes from the build-up to Imaginate here:

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

  1. James McKnight

    Incredible stuff, love it.

  2. paulhaysom

    I can’t believe he does a 360 flip to flat – crazy!

  3. Greg

    Awesome – what more can I say! Great job Danny!

  4. Chris

    Lost for words…..pure brilliance. Tank style all the way….well done DM!

  5. D MacVicar

    A phenomenon.

  6. Guy

    Testament to a living cycling legend. The thought and planning,imaginative is unreal. Toy story meets Danny M. We’re not worthy!

  7. Dadsky

    Nostalgia on a bike, great entertainment! Watch it !

  8. Christopher Ruck

    And I thought I was good.lol!!

  9. Robert Bone

    Could watch this guy for hours, what an inspiration!


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