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Updated with winners: Win one of 12 Lezyne lights from Wheelies

Updated with winners: Win one of 12 Lezyne lights from Wheelies

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UPDATE: Winners now in and they are as follows:

3rd Prize winners: Lezyne Mini Drive in Silver:  

Mike Morton
Mike Thompson
Gareth Parry
Andy Goode
Tim Morton
Chris Poulter
Constantin Ruge
Susan Bowles
John Tipping
Ian Macfadyen

2nd Prize winner: Lezyne Power Drive XL LED Loaded Pack:   

Andrew Hewitson

1st Prize winner: Lezyne Super Drive XL LED Loaded Pack

Well done to all of you! You will be contacted in due course by Wheelies.


We’ve teamed up with Wheelies to give you the chance to win one of 12 fantastic Lezyne bike light prizes including:

1st Prize: Lezyne Super Drive XL LED Loaded Pack (one winnner)
2nd Prize: Lezyne Power Drive XL LED Loaded Pack (one winner)
3rd Prizes: Lezyne Mini Drive (Silver) (10 winners)

A Lezyne Super Drive XL LED Loaded Pack could be yours!

The Lezyne Super Drive XL LED Loaded Pack is bursting with performance features and is perfect for serious mountain biking and road cyclists. Featuring up to 500 Lumen output, this powerful unit is lightweight with a durable CNC machined aluminium body with side visibility cuts and MOR Optics. This new compact light includes the Infinite light replaceable battery feature with an intelligent power indicator button that allows you to check power levels any time. The pack is extremely easy to use and mount with no tools required and fits a wide range of handlebar diameters via a universal hard mount composite bracket that provides full angle adjust positioning. 

The Lezyne Power Drive XL LED loaded pack is a new powerful compact performance unit with infinite light feature. It features up to 400 lumen out-put with a stylish, lightweight, durable CNC machined aluminium body with side visibility cuts and MOR Optics. The Infinite Light replaceable battery feature and the intelligent power indicator button that allows you to check the power level at any time will ensure you will never run out of battery juice in the dark. This unit is simple to use, and mounts easily on to a huge range of handlebar diameters using the universal size, hard mount composite bracket.

The Lezyne Mini Drive Front Light in silver is a neat compact 150 Lumen light with Uniform Power Beam reflector and lens assembly that produce a dual purpose beam pattern that illuminates both near and far terrain without sacrificing visibility in either field of vision. It features 100% CNC-machined aluminium housing with a high – capacity Li-ion battery that is rechargeable and replaceable. Programmed with three steady modes and two high-visibility blinking modes this pack comes with two durable Composite matrix handlebar mounts (31.8mm, 25.4mm) with a thumb screw for easy installation and secure attachment.

To be in with a chance to win one of these fantastic prizes from Wheelies, answer this question (click here for a hint):


TERMS & CONDITIONS: By entering you are agreeing to receive details of future offers and promotions from Factory Media and related third parties. This competition will close on November 28.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: By entering I also confirm I have read and accept the terms & conditions of the prize draw, competition rules and privacy policy.

  1. Meeksy

    I want to be able to see in the dark.

  2. giles brooks

    Very enlightening!

  3. gb

    light on

  4. joezeppi

    shine on my bike

  5. Timboiow

    Show me the trail….

  6. rb

    spot on.

  7. john singleton

    The Real Light fantastic , now I can see the wood for the trees….!

  8. rw

    Allelujah. I’ve seen the light

  9. taff68

    Relight my tyre, your light is my only desire(take that!)

  10. Paulo hooperini


  11. Pete Boyall

    Look like these are the business for night time riding.

  12. Dean Gray

    A cracking prize. Just been thinking of saving for this!

  13. Richard Appleby

    Brillaint prize 1st, 2nd or 3rd

  14. Gary Watson

    Night riding equals fun in the woods

  15. Craig Ireland

    Very petite. Will I win again?

  16. Sarah


  17. Steve marshall

    Yes please

  18. Malcolm

    It’ll be all light on the night!

  19. Ian Finlay


  20. Alex Smith

    A prize with vision

  21. RKW

    I’ve run out of light puns! Brilliant prize.

  22. Beth Tranter

    Great competition! I light this, I light this a lot *sorry* :o)

  23. neil shand

    lights please!

  24. Olly Checkley

    perfect timing, had a crash last week and broke both front lights

  25. Frank Rosice


  26. David Williams

    Great prize.

  27. Marina Wilson

    need some of these..mine are on their last legs and i’ve got a night ride coming up in a few weeks

  28. Ian Wilson

    Ohh, pretty lights. They should stop someone doing a Bradley to me on my commute!

  29. Liam

    neat size, better than my twin blackburns.

  30. Chris Killer

    shine on you crazy diamondback

  31. craig bray

    Re “light” my single track!!!!!

  32. David Clarkson

    Nice lights…………

  33. peter fletcher

    I could do with these beauties as I am now nocturnal for the next few months !!!! Too many petrol stations = risk of doing a Wiggo !!!!

  34. Hux

    Let there be light

  35. Mark Tracy Dickinson


  36. MattCridge

    Look Ideal for night rides in the woods!

  37. Mark Sam

    Light up my life

  38. Robin

    light my way

  39. Simon

    Probably the best lights you can get

  40. Pew

    Bright light !!!!! Bright light!!!!

  41. martin richardson

    will keep my boy safe on his bike

  42. Shirley Lancaster

    my son needs a good light for these dark nights

  43. beckno7

    Fabulous prize. Would like these for my accident prone colleague perhaps if she can see she won’t fall off so much!!

  44. Phil Simpson

    like 2 win some decent lights

  45. Patrick Aiken

    Will make a great present for my daughter

  46. Mark Sanders-Barwick

    Hmmmmm, shiny things….

  47. Steven Playford

    I can see clearly now ………. 😉 AMAZING prize guys!

  48. June Etherington

    Great prize thank yoy

  49. elaine stokes


  50. dan smith

    Let me L.E.D the way….

  51. Karen McNulty

    Please light up my world

  52. caole

    Those lights are ace, they surely would brighten up my nights :-)

  53. ann dwyer


  54. Andrew Blackburn

    The SuperDrive XL RRP is £114.99

    What a great price, could certainly do with it as my Knog Boomers seem to have a mind of their own in this inclement weather.

  55. Andrew Blackburn

    Whoops didnt mean to post the first line.


  56. sue lemmon

    stop kids pinching mine

  57. DicksonAllan

    just what i need for my commute to work.

  58. James Davis
  59. neil shand

    RRP is £114.99

  60. Dan

    RRP is £114.99!

  61. Gordon G

    What a “blinder” of a prize!!
    shine on!


  62. Ryan

    RRP 114.99

  63. Keith Singleton

    these things are brighter than my halo !!!

  64. Alan Hamilton

    Very illuminating.

  65. peppy39

    We have light …wooppee

  66. Joanne Bosanquet

    A ‘shining’ example of great marketing. Brilliant!

  67. sarah preston

    £114.99 is the price good luck all brill prize

  68. laura gibby

    £114.99 the price! great prize!

  69. sion gibby


  70. Alison Jeffery

    Would love to win…

  71. Calum Beatt

    £114.99 – good luck everybody!

  72. Lee Woolston

    £114.99. Good luck everyone

  73. Ryan Moffat


  74. Robert Newton


  75. rhannah


  76. Burf@BTR


    Never had a set of bike lights before!


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