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Competition: MuleBar Christmas stocking - five to win

Competition: MuleBar Christmas stocking - five to win

MuleBar have just sent us five of these tasty looking Christmas stockings, stuffed with energy bars and gels, to give to five lucky readers.

The stocking is packed with four gels, one MuleBar, one ReFuel protein bar and two MegaBites. They cost £9.99, but if you get the answer to the question below right you stand a chance to win one completely free.

All you need to do is answer the following question (and if you need a hint, there’s a clue on this webpage):

Q. Which MuleBars are sold with compostable wrappers in 2011?

You can either post your answers in the comments box below or the forum thread here.

The closing date is Wednesday 14th December at 4pm. Winners will be announced shortly after.

  1. Stuart

    Hunza Nut

    1. Ian

      Hunza nut and strudel.
      Merry christmas

  2. Damian Howe

    The mulebars with compostable wrappers are the Hunza Nut and strudel. Mmmmmm looove the strudel *salivates

  3. Zovelo

    It’s Hunza Nuy and Apple Strudel flavours that have the composible wrappers. Stocking please!

  4. Stan

    Hunza Nut and Strudel!

  5. steph

    Hunza Nut and Strudel

  6. Luke

    Hunza nut and strudel

  7. stumpynick

    Hunza Nut and Strudel – not sure how they would go with my Pina Colada and Goji berry

  8. Preston Pete

    Hunza Nut and Strudel.

    I can already taste Mulebar and Christmas Pudding.

  9. fbhidy

    Hunza Nut and Strudel!

  10. Dave Kent

    It’s Hunza Nut.

  11. Dave Kent

    …and Strudel

  12. robert kemp

    Hunza Nut & the Strudel

  13. Alec

    Strudel and Hunza Nut

  14. Aidan Ogle

    Hunza Nut and Apple Strudel !!!!!!

  15. Edd S

    I believe it is Hunza Nut and Strudel.

  16. chris b

    Its the yummy Hunza nut and Strudle flavours

  17. Paul J

    The mulebars with compostable wrappers are the Hunza Nut and strudel and very nice they are too !!! Merry Xmas

  18. Clink

    Hunza Nut and Strudel

  19. Andrew Blackburn

    Hunza Nut and Strudel…

    Make my wish come true, all i want for christmas……. is y̶o̶u̶
    a stocking full of lovely mule

  20. AndyC

    Hunza Nut and Apple Strudel

  21. ben findlay

    Hunza nut and strudel. :-)

  22. steve williams

    What he said Hunza Nut,Strudel

  23. the calv

    Hunza nut and strudel

  24. kimmy

    the hunza nut and the strudel.
    merry xmas to all

  25. Udo

    It’s hunza nut and the strudel time!

  26. Andrew Couling

    the hunza nut and the strudel

  27. Calum

    Hunza nut and strudel!!!

  28. OwenDavid

    Hunza Nut and Strudel

  29. Gwenda Fox

    The two Mule bars with compostable wrappers are Hunza Nut, Apricot and Walnut Cereal Bar and Apple Strudel Apple, Raisin and Cinnamon Cereal Bar.

    I’d love to win a stocking for my bike nut son-in law!

  30. Elizabeth Smith

    Hunza Nut and Strudel

  31. Aaron

    Strudel and Hunza Nut

  32. murray w

    strudel and hunza nut.

    and a big merry ho ho …..


    Hunza Nut

  34. Daniel H

    Mulebar do a Hunza Nut and a Strudel bar which come with compostable wrappers

  35. Royston Smith

    Hunza Nut and Strudel of course.
    Ho, ho, ho!

  36. john dawson

    I’ll guess that its Hunza nut and Strudel.

  37. david hunt

    hunza nut and strudel


    hunza nut and strudel

  39. Steve Smith

    Hunza Nut and Strudel – delicious!!!

  40. Craig Smith

    Hunza nut and strudel have compostable wrappers

  41. Alex Redwood

    Hunza Nut & Apple Strudel. Hmmmmmm….

  42. Tim Wiggins

    The very festive and extremely tasty Hunza Nut and Strudel Bars – YUM!!
    So good I almost ate the wrapper as well…

  43. Dan Hughes

    Hunza Nut and Strudel ! What no Mince Pie Flavour ?

  44. Gavin Pope

    Hunza Nut & Apple Strudel, nom Nom NOM….

  45. Nathan Sargent

    Hunza Nut and Strudel

  46. Oliver

    Now let me guess… the two bars that have compostable wrappers are Hunza Nut and Strudel?! Will Santa deliver this stocking by a mule drawn sleigh?

  47. matt556

    Hunza nut and strudel

  48. Richardp27

    Hunza nut and strudel


    Hunza nut & Strudel !

  50. joe spicer

    Both the Hunza Nut and the Strudel bars! Merry xmas!

  51. Steve Marshall

    Sounds good

  52. Steve Marshall

    Hunza Nut and Apple Strudel flavours have composible wrappers.

  53. Allan Koura

    Hunza nut and strudel

  54. Steve Anderson

    Hunza Nut

  55. Thomas Kneen

    Hunza Nut and Apple strudel


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