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Christmas Giveaway: Uberbike Components brake pads up for grabs!

Christmas Giveaway: Uberbike Components brake pads up for grabs!

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Merry Christmas everybody, ho ho ho! We are really getting seriously festive at Bike Magic towers, and aside from slip-sliding our way around the local trails in Santa hats we’re also giving away freebies to help you all on your way through the build-up to the big day.

This time round we have eight pairs of brake pads from the lovely folk at Uberbike Components – two pairs for each of four winners.

Brake pads: you’ll be needing some spares if you’re aiming to get out on the push-bike over Christmas, all that mud can play havoc with bikes. So why not save some pennies and win some here?

All you have to do is… Write us a short Christmasy poem/story/joke about Uberbike Components and post in in the comments box below. The most entertaining/festive four will win two pairs of brake pads of choice from the Uberbike online store!

Make sure you enter your email address correctly in the comments section or you will instantly relegate yourself.

  1. Jamie

    Jingle bells,
    my brakes smell,
    the pads have gone away.
    Please bike magic,
    Give me more,
    So i can go and slay, hey!

  2. Tim

    Twas the night before Christmas and I went for a ride.
    Nothing too stressful, just down a mountainside.

    Up in the light and down in the dark.
    No lights on my bike not even a spark.

    “Watch out son” said the voice from the sleigh
    “Where are your lights? Get out of my way”

    “Sorry Santa” I said with a laugh…
    As I swerved quickly to get out of his path.

    “Can I have some lights tomorrow so I can go out and shred?”
    “Yes!” he said loudly as he hucked his sled…

    Then off he speed to deliver his gifts
    and I was left in the dark shouting, “I COULD HAVE DONE WITH A LIFT!!!”

  3. sim

    They’re called Uberbike Components
    Many thousands were their exponents
    They wear well in the wet
    The best pads I’ve tried yet
    Does anything rhyme with obsequious?

  4. Tim

    Just relaised mine didn’t mention uberbike components! Better write another quickly:

    Twas the night before Christmas and I went for a ride:

    Climbing was tough and the going was rough,
    The descending was harder as I clung to my charger

    The brakes wouldn’t bite and it gave me a fright
    As I slid from the trail and landed on my tail…

    I sat in a heap and started to weep
    All of a sudden I heard a thudding.

    The footsteps came near and I quaked with fear..

    “Hey kid – stop crying and shaking like a girl, here are those new brake pads you asked for!”

    It was Santa with my new Uberbike brake pads!

    I said “Thanks big guy!” and ceased to cry..
    I brushed off my ‘nads and fitted the pads – from Uberbike, did I mention that?

  5. j west

    yo mamms is so fat that when she wore a malcom x t-shirt a helicopter tried landing on her!

  6. James Roadnight

    A christmas treat,
    beneath my feet,
    a shiny stocking filler!
    A gleaming machine,
    the bike of my dreams,
    what a lucky fella!
    but a year of neglect,
    has had it’s effect,
    the pads are ground to dust!
    the cogs, and chain,
    want to be happy again,
    and escape the grasp of rust!

  7. Matt Evans

    Uberbike prize draw
    I want to win very very much
    Haiku’s are quite, hard

  8. Matt Evans

    Trying again…

    Überbike brake pads
    Stop me very well but maybe
    Haiku not good idea

  9. Matt Evans

    Hhm not very xmassy… One more

    Ho ho ho Uberbike
    Brakes pads work very well
    Wish you a merry Noel

  10. James McKnight

    Liking it! Matt I reckon a couple more goes and you’ll have yourself some pads…

  11. Kyle Aspinall

    Jingle Bells, jingle bells,
    My break pads wore away,
    If only I had some uberbike pads,
    Id be laughing all the way….
    Oh what a joy it is to ride,
    with some orange pads on display…

  12. James McKnight

    OK, comp over, done and dusted, turkey’s cooked etc.

    Thanks to all of you for the classic replies! Hilarious.

    Winners are chosen… We’ll be in touch via email.

    Merry Christmas!


  13. Arwel Hughes

    All I want for christmas is some uberbrakes

    not chocolate cakes or Jaffa Cakes

    All I want for christmas is some uberbrakes

    so I can downhill over Christmas

    (sung to the tune of two front teeth which i wont be losing because of my new brake pads)

  14. Annie

    Merry Christmas to all of you. Thanks for posting this blog.


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