Christmas comes early mini-comp 1: Lowdown giveaway (UPDATE: Now made easy)

UPDATE: No one is even hazarding a guess at the three locations in the photos so the first person to correctly guess the three COUNTRIES will get the free download code.

Christmas is coming people, and as much as we’d like to stop the bombardment of Christmas TV shows, radio broadcasts and advertising campaigns, we can’t. One thing we can do, however, is to celebrate the festive season with some mini-competitions.

The Lowdown MTB Guide to Europe is available for download on iTunes now.

For starters, the first person to correctly name the three European bike parks in the following photos by Victor Lucas, creator of The Lowdown MTB Guide to Europe (which we featured here yesterday), will get a free copy of the App! Give us some guesses in the comments box below. It’s quite a tricky one, we must admit…

So to reiterate, just enter your guess at the three locations in the comments box below, we’ll then contact the first correct entrant via email (so make sure you enter your email address correctly) with a promotional code to download your free copy straight away. We’ve given you a few pointers in the photo captions. Good luck!

Here’s the three photos of the European bike parks, guesses in the comments box below please:


  1. paulhaysom

    Got the countries I think – Italy, French alps and Are, Sweden?

  2. victor

    you’re close paul… not sweden though. try zee alps again.

  3. Steve_p

    that looks like whistler in the canadian alps at a guess

    1. Steve_p

      but i miss read question european park hmm

      1. James McKnight

        Steve_p …. er, close! Well, correct planet anyway. Try again.

        Can anyone even get the correct three countries?

  4. Victorvic

    Yeah it aint that hard! 2 answers are there and the last one….well I remember having some great Spätzle at the end of that cold wet ride!!

  5. andy

    finale, italy. ruttsville @ les mosettes , avoriaz France and somewhere in the tirol Austria

  6. Dalesman

    Looks like Les Houches #3

  7. Victor

    Well done Andy you win. 1 is Finale in italy, 2 is actually alp d’huez france , 3 is Saalbach, Austria. but you got the countries right. You’ll get the code by email.

  8. andy



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