BMC Trailfox TF01 Carbon bike launch

BMC’s new carbon Trailfox


Following a ridiculously early 4am start for a flight from Gatwick to Zurich followed by a resoundingly lovely train journey to Beil, Switzrland and whisked to the sleepy town of Magglingen, which sits at 875m above sea level, aboard a pilot-less funicular, we’re ready to ride the brand new all-carbon Trailfox TF01 Carbon.

But we’re a little early. Our presentation for the new bike and our chance to ride it starts tomorrow, so with a little time to spare we checked out our surroundings with a gentle stroll through the very scenic village.

And alas we bumped into some earlier arriving journalists from other European mags returning from a ride around the local trails, giving us a quick chance to take a closer look at the new bikes. So before my first ride report on the new bike tomorrow, here’s a few photos of what I’m about to ride.

More tomorrow.

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