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BM Ratings

BM Ratings

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After rather too long unchanged, we’ve just overhauled our rating system for bike and product tests. We’ve added a couple of things, revised others and made it all look a bit nicer. But most importantly, we’re about to tell you what it all actually means…

The Ratings box

This is the thing that appears at the bottom of all of our tests and displays our conclusions in a few different ways. This may sometimes lead to a degree or repetition or redundancy, but from experience we know that different people like different ways of being presented with these things, so we hope that this method covers as many bases as possible without getting out of hand. Here’s the breakdown:

Ups and downs

Here you’ll find the aspects of the product that stand out as particularly good

And here will be any niggles or negatives


In here we give you a few lines (unless we get carried away) that tell you what we think of the product in something resembling a nutshell. If you don’t read anything else, read this bit.


Performance To the left are the out-of-five BM cog scores.
Value To the right a BM Award badge (if given).
Overall Read on for further explanation…