Blow up joy for the downhill dollies

Blow up joy for the downhill dolliesOriginally developed alongside the Israeli armed forces, but now available for motor bikers, Dainese’s airbag vest could be just what downhillers ordered.

The report on bikebiz reveals that the vest inflates around chest, shoulders, neck and back inflates instantly on command from a collision sensing computer on the riders vehicle. The vest then stays inflated for 20 – 30 seconds to provide protection as the rider comes to a halt by bouncing off various blunt objects.

Dainese’s armoured ‘safety jacket’ suits are already extremely popular with the gravity fraternity and although cumbersome the vest could provide a whole new level of safety. Prices are £550 for the vest and £50 for the impact computer, but we reckon it’s worth considering it if it saves you from being jellified on impact.

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