Bikes and beer

June 14-22 is Bike Week in the UK, with hundreds of bicycle-related events going on throughout the country. Top MTB eventmeisters Trail Break have got two events at either end of the week – one extremely demanding, the other a little more, well, relaxed…

June 14-15 sees the legendary Iron Lemming take place around the lumpier bits of Wales. It’s a two-day, 230km enduro which might possibly be the hardest in the UK.

Mmmmm, beer

Sounds a bit keen? Perhaps you’d like a beer instead? Trail Break, in association with Surrey brewing champs the Hogs Back brewery (which apparently doesn’t have an apostrophe no matter how much we want to put one in…), produced Trail Ale, complete with Don’t Ride When Drunk warning on the label, last year. And now they’ve introduced their “next generation” beer – Trail Ale XXX.

That’s the beer, what about the ride? Well, to mark the release of this exclusive brew, Trail Break are organising a limited ticket ride from the Hogs Back brewery itself on June 18. The format will be as their Evans rides, being waymarked and timed. The route runs to the south of the Hog’s Back itself (which does have an apostrophe). And when you get back to the brewery there’s dinner and a tour of the brewery itself. As if that’s not enough, you’ll get a Hog’s Back glass and of course the chance to sample the rest of the brewery’s range of ales. All that for £20 – can’t be bad.

All the information about these and other Trail Break events can be found at Or, on the off-chance that someone’s 0wn3d their server again, call 0118 986 0652… Note that you need to pre-book for the Hog’s Back ride, you won’t be able to enter on the line…

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