Barry Knows Best to close for maintenance on 15 April

Hurtwood Trails have reported that on 15 April Barry Knows Best in the Surrey Hills will close for the entire day, to allow the Hurtwood Trails Volunteers to carry out some repair and improvement work.

And not only will they be using shovels and elbow grease, they’ll be rolling in a mini digger to allow for more substantial digging. This means there’ll be no access to the trail between 9.30am and 1pm, while the digger is on the trail.

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  1. robnav

    what are they doing now? tarmacing most likely lol.

  2. David Arthur

    It’s quite bumpy/rooty through the first couple of turns, and further down the track it’s in a bit of a state. Personally I’d like to see it left alone, but guess, considering how much traffic it was getting yesterday, that some digging can only be a good thing in the long run


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