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A major manufacturer has told us at BIKEmagic details of a brand
new suspension design that’s set to transform mountain biking. The bike, which the
company describe as having significant technological advances over other mountainbikes
available today, won’t be available for a while yet.

Using in-depth research, computer modelling and extensive testing, the company say
that the new design is more efficient, lighter, stiffer and should be cheaper than
current models by the time it gets into the shops.

They’ll also be producing a more expensive, hand made version for those riders that
want something “a little bit special”.

A company spokesman, speaking on behalf of the company, said that their team riders
had ridden the bike, and put in faster lap times, on a secret test track, than they
had done on their current bikes. “Our team riders have ridden the bike, and
put in faster lap times on our secret test track than they have on their current
bikes”, said the spokesman.

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